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Business Owners

Running a small business comes with unique challenges and opportunities.

We understand the diverse financial needs of small business owners and offer tailored solutions to foster growth and stability.

We provide the following solutions to our small business clients:

Holistic Business Planning

We take a comprehensive approach, addressing business assets and how they can work in harmony with personal assets such as old retirement accounts and real estate holdings.

Maximizing Capital

Excess cash can feel unproductive. We offer short and long term investment options to get the most out of your business savings.

Strategic Employee Benefits

Tailored advice on employee benefits to attract and retain talent. Not to mention providing tax and retirement savings for you the owner! These include 401k plans, SIMPLE IRA’s, SEP IRA’s, Deferred Compensation plans and ESOP programs – including Roth options!

Asset Protection

Proactive measures to protect your most valuable assets including your ability to work, your business partner and key employees.

Succession Planning

Assistance in developing a robust succession plan, ensuring the longevity of your business legacy. Through detailed planning we can help set both your business and you up for success for decades to come.